Television Personality, Cookbook Author, Cooking Instructor, Culinary Consultant, Food Lover

Sarab’s lifelong love affair with food began in her mother’s kitchen in Mumbai. As a small child, her senses were filled with the swirling aromas of spices, the hissing of hot oil, the rhythmic kneading of dough and the grinding and pounding of the mortar and pestle. From as far back as she can remember, Sarab was hooked on cooking! Sarab briefly relocated to Jakarta and quickly mastered the fundamentals and finer points of Indonesian cookery. Soon after, Sarab moved to Singapore and her repertoire expanded to include Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Singapore Classics, Middle Eastern, Italian and other major cuisines of the world.

Sarab Kapoor

Armed with a firm grasp of international cuisines, Sarab has developed her own style of creative vegetarian cooking. She freely borrows and blends influences from two or more cuisines, and believes in adding and subtracting ingredients – not only salt – to taste. Initially in response to friends’ requests, Sarab commenced private cooking classes in her own home. Word spread, and demand for her unique style of cooking classes increased. She soon found herself conducting classes in Singapore’s leading cooking studios and schools including ToTTs and Expat Kitchen, as well as fun ‘cooking parties’ for kids.
In 2011, Sarab was approached by a local film production company to front a TV cooking series of half-hour shows.

Cook Love Eat with Sarab was produced and launched to popular and critical acclaim. Shortly after, Cook Love Eat Bites with Sarab, potted 5-minute versions of her full-length show, followed.

There after, Sarab says, Make it Snappy, which aired on ZEE TV across the asia pacific was launched and followed by the current show Chef’s Diaries whichs airs on Zee TV APAC where it has claimed the highest viewership. The show combines Sarab’s amazing recipes, guests and a cooking competition that took place in Australia and Singapore.

Cook Love Eat with Sarab the cookbook was launched in 2013, bringing her recipes to the homes of her fans. Sarab is also the Culinary Consultant of Wine and Dine magazine in Singapore.